Water Heater Install & Repair in Alexandria, VA

You may take the convenience of having hot water at moment’s notice for granted, until you go to turn on the sink or shower and it is ice cold. This means the water heater that serves your property is either malfunctioning or broken and needs to be looked at by a trained professional. To have your warm water reinstated in Alexandria, rely on the professionals at Vito Services, who offer water heater repairs, replacements, and more.


There are a few things that you can look out for that indicate an issue with a water heater that you should call a professional about. Some are obvious, such as the water not getting warm enough. But there are other signs of a potential problem with water heaters, like discolored water, weird-smelling water, or the appliance leaking or making noises, which should also prompt hiring an expert. If any of these are present at your place in Alexandria, make Vito Services the team you contact for

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help. We work around-the-clock, so no matter what time you realize there is an issue with your water heater, we can be there soon to get things fixed.


The majority of properties are served by conventional water heaters, but tankless water heaters are becoming an increasingly popular option. While more expensive up-front, they have plenty of benefits that may interest you, such as being smaller and more energy-efficient. They can also bring your bill down because they use less water and heat it on demand. We can help you determine which kind to get for your property in Alexandria and offer advice on trusted brands and models that meet industry standards.


Don’t panic over a temperamental water heater; give us a call. The experts on staff at Vito Services can fix yours when something goes wrong or can replace it with a much more efficient one. Reach out to our team of expert plumbers in Alexandria or schedule an appointment online for water heater repairs, to have a tankless water heater installed, or anything else.