How Lead and Other Chemicals and Materials Impact Our Water
How Lead and Other Chemicals and Materials Impact Our Water

28 April / No comments

Is there something in your water? Although we are fortunate to have running water made potable by modern water...

side effects of lead pipe exposure
Side Effects of Lead Pipe Exposure

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There is a long list of lead exposure symptoms for children and adults. While there is some overlap of...

The Harm of Lead Pipes and What to Do About Them if They Reside in Your Home or Building

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Lead poisoning can have pernicious health consequences for both adults and children. The negative effects of ingesting lead don’t...

Old lead pipes that need to be replaced in washington dc
FAQs About Lead Pipes

31 December / 1 comment

Are lead pipes dangerous? The simple, safest answer is yes, lead pipes can be dangerous. The more complicated answer...

glogged line that needs hydro jetting service
New Innovations: What Is Hydro Jetting and How Can My Plumbing Benefit?

23 December / No comments

Hydro jetting is essentially high-pressure water blasting for the interior of your pipes. It’s often prescribed to remove debris,...

backflow prevention test in Washington DC
Is It Time for a Backflow Prevention Test?

23 December / 1 comment

Have you heard that Washington D.C. now requires backflow prevention devices be tested annually by DC Water-approved plumbers? Are...

benefits to having home water filtration system in D.C.
Understanding the Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

3 November / 2 comments

Homeowners have different preferences when it comes to their home’s water supply. There are a variety of factors that...

Vito's Mission for Clean & Safe Water
Vito’s Quest for Clean Water

16 October / No comments

Most Washington, D.C.-area residents receive their home’s water through a municipal commission, where the water is treated with several...

old rusty lead and iron pipes
Why Are Lead Pipes a Problem? Does Your D.C.-Area Home Still Have Lead Plumbing?

15 October / No comments

In 2014, Flint, Michigan switched the source of their water supply from Detroit’s water system to the Flint River....

restroom with touchless fixtures
The Revolution of Touchless Fixtures in Public Restrooms

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The importance of clean public spaces has never been higher than it is right now. Many industries and aspects...