benefits to having home water filtration system in D.C.

Understanding the Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

Homeowners have different preferences when it comes to their home’s water supply.

There are a variety of factors that should influence your whole home water filtration purchase decision. The water in different geographic areas may possess negative attributes that need to be addressed with specific water filtration solutions. Some homes may even be drawing water from wells or cisterns, which require their own set of considerations.  

Different systems also offer different water tastes and feels, so if hard water is a problem or you find your tap water especially distasteful you should make sure you find a water filtration system that addresses those issues .

Private Well or Public System?

Do you get your water from a private well? If this is the case, the CDC recommends getting your water tested yearly by a licensed lab. If your property uses a private well, you should reach out to representatives from the local health department in your area for a list of local contaminants and a list of water tests that you should request.

If you receive your water from a public system, the EPA requires that the responsible entity provide a yearly report, called a Consumer Confidence Report, which includes information on the quality of the drinking water and contaminant levels. The report is mailed with your water bill by July 1, but you can also call your local company to request the report or you can use the EPA’s online CCR search tool.

You can find the DC Water and Sewer Authority 2020 report here.

If you haven’t checked your home’s lead risk yet we encourage you to find your property on the DC Water Service map. If you’re concerned about lead in your home’s water, we encourage you to contact us about lead pipe replacement

Why Do I Need a Home Water Filtration System?

Water is one of most important natural resources in the world and clean, potable water is vital to the safety and health of your home and family.

Some common reasons you may choose to get a home filtration system are:

  • You don’t like the taste of your water

Some people do not like the taste of tap water because of the additives used to prevent contaminants. A popular option to combat this taste are pitcher and refrigerator filters (using activated carbon). The main function of these filters is to improve the taste of your water. However, these filters do nothing to combat other contaminants.

Some organic components that will do no harm, such as sulfur, can also make their way into your water supply, which affects the odor and taste of the water. There are specific systems out there that remove sulfur.

Reverse osmosis systems are often ideal because they reduce levels of contaminants like lead while also improving the taste of water.

  • You have hard water

Hard water occurs when there are buildups of minerals such as magnesium and calcium in a water source. It leaves behind a residue, makes soap hard to lather, clogs pipes, and degrades your water-using appliances. Water in the DMV tends to be moderately hard, but it can vary based on where your home is and the time of year.

Water softeners are sometimes a good option for hard water because they can help rid excess minerals from hard water using ion exchange technology. They are technically not filters, so there is still the possibility for other contaminants to get through a softener.

  • You are worried about lead in your water

Lead can contaminate a water source when pipes (containing lead) become corroded and leech lead into the water they are carrying. Lead is extremely dangerous in a water source at or above 15 ppb (parts per billion) according to the CDC and is most common in older homes (homes built before 1986). More recently, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) has reduced the maximum amount of allowable lead in pipes.

The presence of lead in drinking water can lead to many health issues, including birth defects.

When considering a filter to reduce lead, make sure it is certified and follow all maintenance directions exactly as indicated by the manufacturer. If you are unsure about which filter or filtration system is best for you needs, our certified plumbers can help.

Vito Services is proud to be a part of DC’s Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP). If you find out that your home may have lead piping, please contact us to get a pipe replacement quote and to find it out if you may be eligible for financial assistance.

  • You have concerns about arsenic or nitrates in your water source

Arsenic is a heavy metal compound found in ground water that affects both wells and some public systems.  There are two forms, trivalent and pentavalent, and it’s important to get a whole home filtration system specifically intended to eliminate the relevant form. You can find this information out by having your water tested by a certified testing facility or by checking your supplier’s Consumer Confidence Report.

Similarly, nitrates can make their way into groundwater via fertilizer, manure, septic systems, sewers or erosion. Like arsenic, public systems monitor nitrate levels but private wells need to be tested.

Arsenic exposure can lead to a number of health issues including cancer. Nitrates are dangerous because they inhibit red blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen. Boiling and filtration alone do not remove nitrates, but reverse osmosis and distillation systems can rid nitrates from water sources.

It’s Not Just Drinking Water

Bathing, cooking and cleaning could be negatively affected by a poor water source or the presence of contaminants, especially VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These components could make their way into the food you consume, or they could lead to serious, long-term health issues with prolonged exposure.

If there are any changes to the color, taste or smell of your water you should contact a plumber or your water company as soon as possible to check for the presence of a potential contaminant.

How Do I Choose a Water Filter or Filtration System for My DMV-Area Home?

At Vito Services we know that the health and wellbeing of your family is a top priority, which is why we make it our priority as well. Our technicians are experienced with a variety of water filtration systems and would be happy to help you determine which system is the best one to suit your needs.

Contact us at 866-792-7154 to learn more about the make and models we carry or to schedule water filtration maintenance or repair.

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  1. Chance Cook says:

    I didn’t know that nitrates are dangerous. I thought filters were just meant to clean water. But they keep out harmful substances like nitrate so I’ll get one.

  2. Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that if you have a private well on your property, it’s recommended that you get it tested yearly. We’re thinking about getting a private well drilled on our property and have been wondering if we’d need a filtration system for it. It seems like these tests would help us to be sure of what we’ll need.

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