Naturally Disinfect Indoor Air At Your Rockville, MD Home With UV Light

High-intensity UV light is the trusted method used in hospitals to kill germs and viruses. Shining UV light with the proper microwatt output in an HVAC system will disrupt the DNA of microorganisms passing by, sterilizing them, and making them harmless and incapable of reproducing. UVC light, which includes germicidal UV, is measured in nanometers (nm) and can be used for air and surface disinfection. Some UV devices also can produce UVV light, which is an added tool for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) control since the UVV lights also attack microorganisms, chemicals, and odors.

  • For disinfection, UVC radiation at a wavelength of 264 nanometers (nm) is most effective.
  • For oxidation or odor control, UVV radiation at a wavelength of 185 nm is most effective.
Germs Uner Hvac Uv Light

Harness The Power Of The Sun To Disinfect Your Home

The reason we get more colds and flu in the winter is that the days are shorter, which gives us less ultraviolet light from the sun. Ultraviolet light kills germs and viruses. Installed UV Systems will control bacteria, fungi, and viruses that pollute your home. UVV systems, which include odor control, will oxidize gases and toxins in your home. Harness the power of the sun’s UVC and UVV rays to disinfect and deodorize your home’s air 24 hours a day naturally, without using chemicals or sprays.

  • A 70 to 80% single pass kill rate can be achieved with the correct microwatts.
  • 99.9% surface kill where the UVC rays are in direct contact with the surface.

What Are The Benefits Of An HVAC UV Light?

An HVAC UV light is a powerful addition to your indoor air quality arsenal, bringing along these advantages:

  • Improve Overall Air Quality - By taking out allergens, infectious agents, chemicals, and other pollutants, a UV light gives you better indoor air quality.
  • Remove Odors - UV lights work to deactivate airborne chemicals that can cause unpleasant smells.
  • Better Energy Efficiency - By avoiding mold growth in your system, your HVAC is able to run more efficiently.
  • Extend Life Expectancy - Not only does a UV light keep your air clean, but it helps to keep your system clean as well, which helps it to last longer.

Clean Air In Your Home Is A Right, Not A Privilege

Forced air furnaces provide the perfect environment for the growth and broadcast of germs, toxins, and gases that cause unhealthy air conditions in your home. Because your HVAC system is the collection point for most of the recirculated air, install a UVC or UVV Light to use the power of the sun to clean the air in your home. Vito Services stands ready to help you get started. Connect with us online or call 301-315-6100 today!

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