Best Ways to Increase the Airflow in Your Home

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Most methods of increasing airflow in your home fall under two umbrellas: natural and mechanical. You can create airflow in your home by opening windows or doors and running fans or by turning on your HVAC system.

The problem with natural airflow is some people don't have ideally positioned windows or security/screen doors. Some homes also may not have ceiling fans or effective vent placement.

Adding windows or doors generally isn't as easy as hiring an HVAC professional to help create mechanical ways improve the airflow in your home.


Sometimes the best way to increase airflow in your home is to open as many windows as possible. If you have standing fans you can stand one up facing a window – blowing outside. If you have one of those square box fans or window fans you may also be able to place it on a windowsill.

You can also run exhaust fans in your bathroom or in your kitchen if they vent outside.

These fans help push the air inside your home out, which increases the rate at which the air in your home gets cycled.

During the coronavirus, some World Health Organization doctors recommended six air changes per hour in a room with three to four people. The exact rate of exchange depends on how many windows are open in a room, how big those windows are and if there are any fans to help ventilation.

Ceiling fans or window fans can increase the rate of air exchange considerably.


Screen doors are great for ventilation and airflow, but they unfortunately don't provide a lot of security. Homeowners may not feel comfortable leaving nothing but a flimsy screen between the inside of their home and the outside world.

Security doors are a better solution. These sturdy grated or patterned metal doors are bolted into the outside of your door frames and are made of reinforced steel. Security doors can greatly increase the airflow through doors without sacrificing the safety of your family or home.

The only problem with security doors is the lack of filtration. If members of your household have asthma or allergies there are certain times of year where you don't want a lot of outside allergens getting blown throughout your house, even if the temperature is great.


For families with allergies or asthma, opening windows can often be problematic. Some HVAC systems have the benefit of powerful filtration. They also may be better at rapidly cycling the air in rooms that have forced-air vents but few or no windows that open to the outside.

The speed with which your home's HVAC system can switch out the air in your home depends on the size and placement of air returns, the number of vents and the size and scope of your home's ductwork.

System design is a complicated art. Skilled HVAC installation designers can analyze your home's layout, its cubic square footage and make recommendations on vent placement to improve airflow.

A lot of older homes with only one air conditioning unit or heat pump often benefit from the addition of a second unit to increase power.

Ever notice that the corners of your home furthest from your heat pump or AC are always warmer than the rest of your home in the summer? Do you have particularly cold or hot rooms during the winter?

Getting an entire home to be a uniform, consistent temperature is complicated. Keep in mind the system kicks on and off depending on the temperature where the thermostat is located, unless you have temperature gauges elsewhere in the home hooked up to your thermostat.

The right ductwork design combined with an appropriately sized air conditioner or furnace is the best way to maximize your home's airflow. Of course, cycling air in your home is only really beneficial when the air moving through your system is cleaned and purified before it goes circulates back into your home.

If you or a loved one suffer from allergies or asthma or you're worried about the coronavirus, you may want to consult with a Vito Services HVAC technician on your air filtration options. We have specially designed HEPA filter systems that can give you hospital-quality air purification, and germicidal UVC lights that kill or deactivate germs, viruses and allergens like mold spores.

Call us at 301-315-6100 or schedule your appointment on our website to find out how we can improve the air quality and airflow in your home.

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