Does My Sewer Line Need to Be Replaced?

Points to Consider Before Making the Call

You might not realize it, but there’s a whole other world that exists underground. Similar to our own world, it changes over time as soil shifts and moves. But if you can’t see what’s underground, how do you know when it’s time to step in and upgrade your plumbing system?

That’s where we can help.

At Vito Services, we’ve spent decades helping homeowners maintain the things they can’t see. Not sure if your home needs sewer replacement service in Rockville, MD? We’re going to share common red flags to look out for with your sewer system. If your home fits the bill, then you’ll know it’s time to pipe up and call the professionals!

The Obvious—and the Not-So-Obvious

Seeing waste pool up in your yard signals loud and clear that something is wrong. But what about outdated pipes? That’s something you might not be thinking about even though it can lead to the same, messy results.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Water backups and clogs. If all the drains in your house are clogged, then there is likely a problem with the sewer line
  • Unpleasant odors outside your home
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Visible wet patches on your lawn and/or septic waste in your yard
  • Flooding in your basement

A Word About Pipes

The older your home is, the more susceptible your pipes are to corrosion, cracks and breaks. If your home was built before the 1970s, there’s a good chance that the pipes are deteriorating and should be replaced sooner rather than later. Aging pipes are also more susceptible to tree root invasion, which can destroy your sewer line.

Vito Services replaces weakened pipes with much more durable PVC pipes. These pipes have been the predominant choice since 1985 because, when the pipes are joined together, it creates an impenetrable seal.

What About Just Repairing the Broken Pipe?

Sometimes this is possible. But if your sewer line was installed many years ago and the pipes are in bad shape, we will always encourage replacement over repair. Patching up damaged pipes is only a temporary fix. You’ll save more in the long run by replacing your sewer line. Rest assured that we will recommend the most cost-effective solution for your home, whether it’s replacement or repair.

We Offer Both Trench and Trenchless Methods

Depending on your budget and the location/condition of your pipes, we will recommend either the traditional trench or the newer trenchless method. While the trenchless approach is more expensive, it is also much less disruptive to your property. Our licensed plumbers will explain your options and offer a strategy that makes you feel comfortable.

Our Video Camera Inspection Tells All

It’s nearly impossible to diagnose your sewer line when you can’t see it. That’s why Vito Services uses advanced video equipment to take a close look at your pipes and drains. With this approach, we can pinpoint the problem(s) with your sewer line and identify any potential problems that should be corrected on the spot. We’ll give you a clear picture of your sewer line’s condition—literally!

Get the Answers With Our Plumbing Experts

Knowing what’s best for your sewer line isn’t something they taught you in school. But at Vito Services, this is our area of expertise. If you suspect your sewer line is outdated and likely to cause problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll take a close look at your sewer line and let you know a) if there is a problem and b) how to fix it. And for everything else in between, such as heating repair in Rockville, MD, or plumbing installation in Alexandria, VA, we are your one-stop solution for every comfort need.

To learn more about our services or to speak with a representative, call your local Vito Services office or contact us online today.

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