Do’s and Don’ts for Drain Cleaning

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Let's face it: We put our drains through the wringer. Each and every day, we rely on them to remove excess water, hair, grease and other debris. So, it isn't surprising when our drains clog every now and then.

It's easy to think that a clogged drain is a DIY project. After all, what's a little hair and grease? Fact is, making the wrong moves with your drain can do a lot more harm than good.

When it comes to clogged drains, our plumbing contractors in Rockville, MD, have seen it all. From chemical cleaners to makeshift plumbing tools, we've seen homeowners try to salvage their plumbing, only to face more problems and expenses later. That's why we're going to share the do's and don'ts for drain cleaning and how you can keep them working smoothly.


We're going to work backwards and start with the don'ts because we don't want you to jump the gun and inadvertently damage your plumbing.

If you have a clogged drain, don't:

  • Try snaking the drain yourself. Unless you know what you're doing, don't try this on your own. You can push the clog down farther and make the situation go from bad to worse. The cable can also snap and damage your pipes.
  • Use chemical drain cleaners from the store. If store-bought cleaners worked, no one would need to call in the plumber! While acid and other chemicals might remove the clog, they also will eat away at your pipes. Over time, this can lead to leaks and other problems that will be more expensive than a professional drain cleaning. Don't opt for a quick fix that will create bigger problems down the road.
  • Pour vinegar down the drain. From cooking to cleaning furniture, vinegar has many uses. But clearing your drains isn't one of them! Acid in the vinegar can cause your pipes to rust and, similar to chemical cleaners, will just create more problems.
  • Put greasy foods or nonfood items down the drain. You should never put grease, bones or other nonfood items down the drain. But doing this with an already existing clog will just exacerbate the situation. Pay attention to what's going down your drain to minimize the clog and prevent future ones.


Now that we've covered what you shouldn't do, let's discuss what you should do to get your plumbing back to normal.

If your drain is clogged, do:

  • Address the problem quickly. A slow drain today can be a clogged one tomorrow. Acting quickly can help minimize your expenses and prevent a messy situation in your home.
  • Call in the experts. Many homeowners try to avoid calling the plumber by tackling the job themselves. Now, on top of spending hours trying to fix the problem, they need to pay a plumber to fix the clog and any damage they did to their plumbing. This can all be avoided by calling a professional from the start. We have the tools and technology to efficiently clear your drains without causing additional damage. This is the most cost-effective way to get your drains working properly and have peace of mind that everything's A-OK with your plumbing.
  • Have your plumbing maintained regularly. We're only human, which means we can't always control every little thing that goes down our drains. That's why we help homeowners protect their plumbing systems annually with our Service Club. Routine maintenance is the most effective way to keep your drains working efficiently year after year.


Clogged drains are difficult because you can't physically see them. Using our video camera technology, we'll be able to locate the clog and remove it in no time with our hydro jet cleaning. Avoid falling for the traps and opt for our reliable drain cleaning service in Montgomery County, MD, and throughout our service area.

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