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No matter what type of furnace you have, the experts from Vito Services can get it running well for you again. Just give us a call, tell us you need furnace service, and we’ll get an experienced technician out to you soon. Before you know it, we’ll have your furnace fixed and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Stay warm all winter long when you have Vito Services on your side!

Do I Need Furnace Repair?

Not sure if you need to get your heater fixed? We don’t blame you. Unless it has stopped working entirely, it can be hard to know for sure. Here are some signs that your furnace is broken and that it could use some TLC from an HVAC professional.

  • Your furnace struggles to turn on.
  • Your furnace won’t turn off.
  • Your furnace turns off and on rapidly but doesn’t heat your home.
  • You hear unusual noises coming from your furnace or whenever you’re running it.
  • Your furnace isn’t blowing hot air.
  • You are too cold at home even when the furnace seems to be working just fine.

Give us a call as soon as you notice any of these furnace issues. If we can catch the problem early, it may not require as extensive a repair. This saves you money and helps you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your heater.

The Vito Services Furnace Repair Process

When you call us for furnace service, we’ll take the following steps to help you out.

  • We’ll connect you with an expert in your type of furnace.
  • We’ll arrive on time.
  • We’ll discuss the problems you’ve been experiencing so we can gain a full understanding of what is going on.
  • We’ll examine your furnace, testing each part as we go.
  • We’ll find the problem.
  • We’ll notify you of the problem and our proposed solution.
  • We’ll wait until you agree to the repair.
  • We’ll work hard to get your repair completed as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll communicate with you throughout the repair process so you will know exactly when you can expect your furnace to work again.
  • We’ll test our work and invite you to test it, too.
  • We’ll go back to work if you’re not completely satisfied with the way your furnace is functioning.
  • We’ll get out of your home quickly once the job is done.

If your furnace is broken, call to schedule an appointment with an expert from Vito Services today! Click here to book a furnace repair appointment online now!