Beauty Tips From Vito Services (No, Really)

10 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Filtered Tap Water

There are many benefits to drinking filtered water, including protecting yourself and your family against consuming and absorbing pollutants, saving money on bottled water and preventing damage to your home’s plumbing, appliances and fixtures from corrosive chemicals.

There are also physical benefits to drinking filtered water, including giving you energy, helping you focus and maintaining your metabolism. Other suprising beauty benefits associated with filtered water include:

Younger, Healthier Skin

Drinking filtered water can help limit the lines and wrinkles on your face, as keeping hydrated with clean, fresh water will help maintain your skin’s natural eleasticity and suppleness. Removing harsh chemicals from your bathing and showering water will help your body process the water and keep your skin hydrated for longer.

Filtered water can also help your complexsion by not only removing and contaminants from your water, but also preserve healty minerals that are important for your skin.

Stronger Nails

Your nails are made up of numerous keratin layers sealed together to form a solid nail bed. The minerals found in hard water can break down these nail beds over time, allowing your nails to become brittle and flaky. In addition to drying out your nails, hard water can stunt nail growth.

Combats Dry or Sunken Eyes

Dry and sunken eyes are usually a sign of hydration, so adequate filtered water can keep your eyes looking healthy and shiny. Also, chlorine and other contaminants found in tap water can make your eyes red, itchy and watering, possibly fueling allergy symptons and ecsma.

Prevents Hair Loss and Dryness

Hard water, which is standard tap water with excessive amounts of hardened minerals and contaminants, is known to cause hair loss and dryness as the hard water destorys hair follicles. Another common tap water contaminant, iron, is known to dye the color of your hair orange!

Helps Maintain Good Physical Health

With trillions of cells in the our bodies consisting of water, it’s essential to feed ourselves not just the proper amount of water, but good healthy water to boot. Standard Tap water consistggs of several contaminants and chemicals, including chlorine, arsenic, calcium, bacteria and all sorts of PFAS.

Filtering your home’s tap water can dramatically increase your home’s water quality and your family’s health!

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