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How To Get Rid of Dry Air

The best way to get rid of dry air in your home is to install a humidifier. Whole home humidifier systems can be installed directly on your HVAC system to synergize air filtration with air moisture regulation.

If you already have a humidifier, you may want to schedule a routine check-up to ensure that it is operating optimally with your HVAC unit, especially if you are dealing with dry air.

Humidifiers regulate the moisture levels within your home, preventing dry air from causing skin, breathing, sleeping and wood floor/furniture problems. Dry air regularly becomes an issue in the winter months because your home may not be able to maintain proper humidity with the change in temperatures. If left unchecked, it may escalate to causing health problems, such as scratchy throats or inciting symptoms of asthma.

What Causes Dry Air?

Cold weather is the most common cause of dry air. Colder air has difficulty maintaining moisture, and increased heating can further exacerbate dry air conditions. Dry air may also be worsened by poor insulation in the home or an HVAC system that is ineffectively filtering the air.

DIY Solutions to Get Rid of Dry Air

Additionally, there are DIY solutions to improve dry air conditions in your space. If purchasing a humidifier does not seem like a reasonable next step, consider these options:

  • Add Plants: Plants can help balance moisture levels in the air because of the moisture that evaporates from their leaves. This can potentially improve a dry environment, provided they are watered frequently.
  • Put Bowls of Water on Registers: Setting up bowls of water on some floor registers (if your home has them) can help to add moisture back into the air.
  • Utilize Shower Steam: Showering with the door open or letting your shower steam up can return moisture to the indoor environment.

These are viable solutions to help retain moisture in your environment, but they’re not nearly as effective as an actual humidifier. If dry air is a serious issue for you, it may be time to consider a better option, like a humidifier from Vito Services.

Why We Recommend Humidifiers

With the help of Vito Services, you can ensure that your humidifier remains in optimal condition to regulate the moisture levels in your home without compromising air quality. They’re our top recommendations to improve the moisture balance in the air of your home because of their reliability and ability to combat winter dryness.

Benefits of using a humidifier include:

  • Regulate moisture levels within the air
  • Limit static electricity in the air
  • Reduce heating costs (humid air naturally feels warmer, which may allow you to lower your thermostat a couple degrees)
  • Improve your sleep
  • Relieve dehydration symptoms, like itchy throat and watery eyes
  • Protect furniture or wood flooring from moisture damage

How Do I Know If I Need a Humidifier?

You may need a humidifier if you begin to notice consistent dehydration symptoms in your home. These can range from issues with health and breathing quality to property damage due to variable moisture levels within the environment.

 Dehydration symptoms that indicate you need a humidifier may include:

  • Dry skin
  • Breathing problems
  • Warped wood surfaces
  • Peeling or cracking paint
  • Dry eyes
  • Scratchy throats
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Increasing allergy symptoms

Humidifier Maintenance

As with many interventions with your home’s air, humidifiers are not without some risk. Too much moisture in the air can become a significant issue and can create a damp, clammy environment that nurtures bacteria and mold growth.

Additionally, humidifiers can quickly become moldy and unsanitary if they go without regular cleaning and disinfection. You don’t want your humidifier to be cycling toxicity into the air along with the added moisture.

That’s why it’s important to entrust your humidifier care and maintenance to the HVAC technicians at Vito Services. Routine maintenance can help ensure that your air quality is uncompromised. Humidifier maintenance may include:

  • Reservoir cleaning
  • Inspections for leaks
  • Water panel inspection
  • Filter replacement

Get Reliable Humidifier Installation and Repair With Vito Services

Banish dry air with quality humidifiers to help regulate your environment. At Vito Services, we specialize in indoor air quality services, including the installation, inspection and repair of humidifiers. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call 800-438-8486.

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