Vito Services is the Local Expert if Backflow Prevention - Whether At Your Maryland Home or Business Leave it to Vito For All Of Your Back Flow Prevention Needs!

Leave it to Vito to Prevent Backflow

Backflow Prevention For Homes & Businesses in Maryland & DC

When the piping that connects your drinking water to other plumbing fixtures or water utilizing equipment, a Cross-Connection is created. If improperly set up, contamination can result when a backflow event occurs, allowing contaminates to reverse flow from the fixture or equipment back into the drinking water piping.

Therefore, directly connected water piping requires a different method of protection: The Backflow Preventer.

A Backflow Preventer device is a “one-way” appurtenance (an assembly of check valves or a vacuum breaker), than only allows water to flow in the desired direction and physically impeded reverse flow.

Vito Services is a WSSC-Licensed and Registered Master Plumber That Can Repair, Replace and Test Backflow Prevention Devices At Your Home or Business.
When piping connects your drinking water to other plumbing a cross-connection can occur and the only way to prevent contamination is a working and tested backflow prevention device.

Residential Backflow vs. Commercial Back Flow Prevention

In general, most Backflow Prevention Devices are generally required on the more hazardous cross-connection applications. Annual testing is required on the federal, state and local levels to ensure this assembly is in good working condition, due in part because the working components of a backflow assembly have a fairly short lifespan and also because these assemblies can pick up sediment and debris, which block its primary function.

Testable Backflow Applications:

  • Irrigation, In Ground (All Homes & Businesses)
  • Commercial Boilers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Labratory Uses
  • Commercial Water Treatment
  • Vehicle Washing Facilities
  • Commercial Fire Sprinklers
  • Processing Plants

Proper Backflow Testing forms can be purchased only by locally registered plumbing servicing companies, such as Vito Services. Upon completion of a test on a testable assembly, registered cross-connection technicians are required to electronically submit their reports to WSSC within 30 business days of testing.

Non-Testable Backflow Devices are generally required on the less hazardous cross-connection applications, so these devices are usually required to be rebuilt or replaced every five years.

Non-Testable Backflow Applications:

  • Residential Hose Bibs
  • Hand-Held Shower Heads
  • Emergency Eye Wash
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler
  • Residential Boilers
  • Commercial Ice Makers
  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Residential Humidifiers
  • Food Service Equipment

The first-time installation of a new Testable Backflow assembly or relocation of an existing testable assembly requires a long form permit and inspection. Non-Testable assemblies usually require tagging to identify the installation and/or expiration date, however homeowners can replace these devices without permit or inspection.

Vito Services is the Maryland and DC Expert in Backflow Prevention - Whether At Your Home or Business Leave it to Vito For All Of Your Back Flow Prevention Needs!
Since 1934, Vito Services Has Fixed, Replaced, Repaired and Tested Backflow Prevention Devices Across the entire DMV.

Leave it to Vito To Test YOUR Backflow

The local water authority, WSSC, requires licensed plumbers to test backflow preventers and only firms registered under a licensed Master Plumber are legally allowed to test, repair or install backflow prevention devices.

If you have a backflow preventer that needs testing, or are unsure if you have testable or non-testable backflow at your home or business, just Leave it to Vito for all of your local backflow prevention needs! Our expert licensed plumbers have tested, fixed and installed back flow preventers in MD, Virginia and Washington, DC.

If you’d like to learn more about Vito’s Backflow Prevention Services, give our licensed Plumbers a call at 800-438-8486. You can always schedule with us online on our Vito Services Website.

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