Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Fall (and Winter)

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Our heating and cooling needs change with the seasons. Doing what you can to ease the transition between seasons helps maximize system longevity and ensures good performance and output when the temperature does drop. A properly maintained HVAC unit can also impact the indoor air quality of your home as well.

Here are a few tips to prepare your furnace or heat pump for cooler temperatures.

As the temperature begins to decrease:

  • Make sure you are opening windows at night if you're able
  • Use a lower setting on your AC unit during evenings
  • Utilize ceiling fans when possible to circulate the air and cool things down
  • Use your blinds to trap in cool air during the day
  • Check window and door seals to make sure cool air can't escape through cracks

Before the fall/winter season is in full swing:

  • Replace the HVAC filters in your home
  • Get your furnace or heat pump inspected

There are components of your HVAC system that may operate regardless of whether your ductwork is transporting cool air or hot hair. For example, humidifiers (included in most forced air systems) are integral during colder months and contribute greatly to the indoor air quality of your home. It also helps eliminate dryness in the air that often occurs with heating units. It's important to make sure all areas of your HVAC are in proper working order before a new season, especially if it does double duty.

When the temperature is low enough:

  • Turn off your AC unit and make sure it is covered and protected (if part of the unit is outside and unless it's a heat pump)
  • Turn on your furnace to test the unit
  • Heat should come out of the vents—if it doesn't it's time to call a professional
  • Examine the air ducts to check for dust and other debris
  • If dust or debris exists, you need to clean your vents

If it smells like something is burning when your heater turns on it's likely just dust burning off. If the smell persists, check your filters or call an HVAC professional.

Cleaning your air ducts may require a professional service, but again, it's best to take care of this routine maintenance ahead of time to ensure your unit is working properly when the temperature necessitates regular use.

Now, that the weather is officially cold:

  • Adjust some air vents on upper floors to direct more warm air down to lower floors
  • Make sure blinds and curtains are also closed during colder parts of the day

Closing all vents in a specific room or floor is never a wise decision, as it can create negative pressure in closed off rooms or increase the static pressure in your home's ductwork. Blower motors in HVAC systems aren't designed to operate under those conditions and could break down or wear out faster than expected.

If you want to redirect warm air to specific parts of your home, feel free to contact Vito Services. We would be happy to consult on the best way to improve your home's comfort without damaging your system.

We suggest scheduling one to two routine services of your HVAC system a year. The system downtime between seasons is the perfect window to check for any malfunctions or areas of concern within your unit.


A faulty furnace could not only fail to blow hot air into your home, but also release carbon monoxide (CO) into the air if there are gas leaks. These gases are very harmful to the health and well-being of your home's occupants. There may also be issues relating to improper air circulation if there is anything amiss with your heating unit.

We are genuinely passionate about helping keep our customer's safe and healthy, which is why we offer some of the best indoor air quality solutions for you and your family.

At Vito Services, we cover a range of heating needs, from furnace installation, inspection and repair to services for heat pumps and boilers. We have experienced technicians who are well-versed in older and newer heating systems. Whether you are just looking for repairs and maintenance or a full upgrade to a newer unit, our licensed and certified heating and cooling team can help. If you want to make sure your heating unit is prepared for the upcoming season, schedule an appointment online today or call 301-315-6100 .

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