Nearly half of the tap faucets in the U.S. contain PFAS, which are harmful chemicals. Speak to Vito Services about a water filter or filtered water in your home.

Nearly Half of U.S. Water Contains Harmful Chemicals

A New Government Study Released This Week Estimates At Least 45% of Tap Water Have At Least PFAS Compound

According to a government study released this week, drinking water from nearly half of U.S. faucets likely contains “forever chemicals” that may cause cancer and other health problems, according to a government study released Wednesday.

The synthetic compounds known collectively as PFAS are contaminating drinking water to varying extents in large cities and small towns — and in private wells and public systems, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Researchers described the study as the first nationwide effort to test for PFAS in tap water from private sources in addition to regulated ones. It builds on previous scientific findings that the chemicals are widespread, showing up in consumer products as diverse as nonstick pans, food packaging and water-resistant clothing and making their way into water supplies.

Forever Chemicals (PFAS) Not Going Away

Scientists tested for 32 PFAS compounds — most of the ones detectable through available methods. Thousands of others are believed to exist but can’t be spotted with current technology, Smalling said.

The types found most often were PFBS, PFHxS and PFOA. Also making frequent appearances was PFOS, one of the most common nationwide.

The heaviest exposures were in cities and near potential sources of the compounds, particularly in the Eastern Seaboard; Great Lakes and Great Plains urban centers; and Central and Southern California. Many of the tests, mostly in rural areas, found no PFAS.

Use Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filters

Based on the data, researchers estimated that at least one form of PFAS could be found in about 45% of tap water samples nationwide.

The study underscores that private well users should have their water tested for PFAS and consider installing filters, said Faber of the Environmental Working Group. Filters containing activated carbon or reverse osmosis membranes can remove the compounds.

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