If you need a Backflow Prevention test done in Washington, DC, call the experts at Vito Services!

DC Water enforces the proper installation and maintenance of backflow preventers, which prevent the possibility of non-potable water contaminating drinking water in a  building’s water system. District regulation requires that each customer that owns a backflow prevention assembly must have it tested annually by a DC Water-approved contractor, such as Vito Services!

Backflow prevention testing is required by your local water authority

Vito Services is licensed to test backflow preventers in DC, VA & DC, and is a DC Water-approved contractor.


All backflow inspections must be administered by DC Water-certified backflow technicians, such as Vito Services! At Vito, we have the required equipment for backflow inspections and are licensed to repair or replace backflow preventers anywhere in Washington, DC.

After our experts test your backflow preventer, Vito Services will submit the findings to DC Water on your behalf. We can also schedule annual tests to ensure you remain compliant with the District year after year.

Tips For Preventing Cross Connections

In 2019, DC Water instituted a monthly fee for all customers (residential or commercial) with testable backflow prevention assemblies. The revenue from this fee will go towards increasing the number of inspections for customers to ensure compliance with DC Code. The fee also helps maintain the District’s Third Party Portal, an online record system and smartphone application for reporting the installation, maintenance, and testing of backflow preventers.

To schedule your Backflow Prevention Test with a DC-Water approved contractor, contact Vito Services today!