TOTO Toilets Combine Style & Technology

Vito Services is now an exclusive distributor of TOTO Toilets!

While Vito Services’ plumbers now have a direct relationship with TOTO and can source and install any type of TOTO toilet, we have listed our three favorites:

TOTO Drake: The New Drake two-piece toilet combines TOTO’s best-selling item with it’s powerful flushing technology. Features Include:

The TOTO Drake Toilet with Tornado Flush.
  • TOTO Aquia IV: The moder look of the 2-piece Aquia IV Cube Toilet features TOTO’s renowned DYNAMAX TORNADO Flush technology in ultra-high efficiency. The CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces. Features Include:
    • Skirted Base for Clean Look
    • Dynamax Tornado Flush
    • Dual Flush: Conserves Water
    • TOTO’s Quietest Flush
  • TOTO NEXUS: The Top-of-the-Line TOTO Toilet neatly conceals the WASHLET power cord and water supply hose for a clean installation. The TOTO Nexus Toilet is comprised of a WASHLET and Toilet, both of which are specifically designed for a seamless installation that compliments your bathroom’s décor. Other Features Include:
    • Fully Skirted Elegant Design
    • Larger Scale (for Larger Spaces)
    • Tornado Single Flush
    • Tower Flush with Siphon Jet & Bowl Washer