Do You Have Lead Pipes in Your DC Home?

You May Qualify for a Free or Discounted Lead Pipe Replacement

Vito Services is a proud partner of the Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP) in Washington, DC.

The LPRAP was designed to help District residents pay for the replacement of dangerous lead water pipes that connect the city water supply to their household plumbing. All DC residents qualify for the LPRAP if they live in an area where the public service pipes were replaced but lead pipes remain on your property.

If you still have lead pipes on your property, contact Vito Services immediately!

Our lead pipe experts will quickly determine your eligibility for assistance, quote the work involved to remove all lead pipes, and submit the findings to the city. Once approved, we will quickly replace all dangerous lead pipes from your property.

In most cases, you won’t have to pay a dime!

Vito Services & DC Water to remove all lead pipesContact Vito Services today to find out if you qualify for the DC lead pipe replacement program. 

Vito Services Helps Get The Lead Out

Vito Services has teamed with DC Water to remove all dangerous lead pipes from residential households in Washington, DC.

All District property owners could be eligible for 80% to 100% coverage depending on household size and income. All property owners with a lead pipe on private property and non-lead in public space can apply for at least a 50% discount.

To have your lead pipes replaced at no cost, or with a substantial discount, Contact Vito Services today to learn more!