Vito Services’ Complimentary Home Water Test

Leave it to Vito for Clean and Safe Water

Most Washington-DC area residents receive their home’s water through a municipal commission, where the water is treated with several chemicals to disinfect and kill germs and bacteria. While this water is relatively “safe” to drink, the chemicals used – including Chlorine and Fluoride – can have severe effects on your home and your health. That’s why home water tests are important.

For a limited time, Vito Services is offering a Complimentary Home Water Test to all registered customers. The Vito Complimentary Home Water Test will measure several aspects of your home’s water supply, including the hardness of your water, and the number of chemicals and minerals in your home’s drinking water.

Home Water test
Vito Services is a water quality expert in the Washington, DC area.

The Vito Complimentary Home Water Test will consist of the following:

  • Hardness Test: Measures the calcium in your water.
  • Chlorine Test: Measures the total amount of Chlorine in your water.
  • PH Balance: Measures all other chemicals in your water and the overall acidic balance.
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids): Measures the number of minerals in your home’s drinking water.

Healthy Water = Healthy Home

While most DMV-area water meets standard regulations, it doesn’t mean the water can be considered “clean”. In fact, the chemicals used to disinfect the water can have severe effects on your health and home.

For starters, water that is high in Chlorine and Chloramine can wreak havoc on your home’s appliances. This is because when the water is heated the Chlorine congeals into calcium deposits and mineral residue. This leads to the hard residue “gunk” that accumulates in your shower, fixtures, washing machine, and dishwasher. Calcium build-up in your plumbing pipes will also affect the efficiency of your hot water heater, taking longer to heat your water and thus raising your utility bill.

Besides tasting and smelling bad, Chlorine and other chemicals can also have adverse effects on your long-term health. While drinking water with high levels of Chlorine and other chemicals may not hurt you immediately, it has been linked to adverse health effects including asthma symptoms and respiratory problems, food allergies, congenital abnormalities and different types of cancer.

How to Supply Your Home With Safe Water

Vito Services recommends two products to effectively rid your home’s water of chemicals and contaminants.

Anti-Scale System: This mounted device sends signals throughout your water supply that breaks up the calcium deposits that clog your pipes, and wreck havoc on your appliances. Once installed, the Anti-Scaler is convenient and requires zero maintenance. Best of all, it will get rid of all that slick and slimy “gunk”. Other benefits of the Anti-Scale system include:

  • Does not use salt or chemicals.
  • No wasted water.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Reduced soap and detergent usage.
  • Protects appliances, fixtures, and water heaters.
  • Removal of existing scale build-up in your pipes.

The Anti-Scale System protects your home appliances by removing calcium scale build up in your plumbing pipes. This eliminates the hard “gunk” that accumulates on your shower, fixtures, washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater, prolonging the life and efficiency of all units.

Whole-Home Carbon Filter: Chlorine is good for killing bacteria but bad for your plumbing and more importantly bad for you and your family. It also makes your water taste and smells bad. The Whole-Home Carbon Filter will eliminate the Chlorine from your water. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces VOC’s in your water, including herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvent, many of which are not required to be tested for under the Safe Water Drinking Act.
  • Reduces turbidity (caused by dirt), which takes the form of a cloudy appearance in your water.
  • Will provide clean drinking water to every tap in your home.
  • Once installed, it will require zero maintenance for 10+ years.
  • Life expectancy for Chlorine removal = 1.5 million gallons.
  • Save money not buying bottled water, and be green by reducing water waste!

The Whole-Home Carbon Filter eliminates chlorine, making your home’s water taste and smell fresh while making it safe to drink!

Leave it to Vito to Clean Your Water

Vito Services is a leading water quality expert in the Rockville, MD area. Sign Up Today for a Complimentary Home Water Test to see what’s inside your homes’ water! Please contact us at 301-251-0211, email us at [email protected]. You can now also schedule directly online through our real-time scheduling App: Vito Complimentary Home Water Test.