Sewer Line Pipe Inspection with Camera

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Sewer line functionality is essential to peace of mind for homeowners.

To ensure your sewer line is in good working order a homeowner should have their underground sewer main inspected by camera once every 5 years for PVC piping; Sewers that have cast iron piping should have a camera run every 1-2 years to watch for pipe degradation.

Leave it to Vito for Sewer Line Inspections with Camera

What will Vito's plumbers be looking for when sending a camera down your drain? Here is a list of the most common drain busters, and how they effect your pipes:

Tree Roots

The most common cause of a main line sewer backup is due to a root intrusion. When a sewer pipe gets a hairline crack in it the roots make their way into the pipe in search of water. Once they get to the water they will grow to the point where the flow is restricted causing the sewer to clog and flood the home; once the roots have made their way into the sewer pipe it is just a matter of time before the sewer blocks up. The best way to remedy this situation is to replace the sewer from the house to the public tap.

Eroded Pipe

Another common cause of main sewer line backups is due to pipe erosion. Many factors can contribute to pipe erosion, most notably water constantly running that will erode the bottom of the pipe over time. Chemicals such as liquid drain cleaner can cause the pipes to erode exponentially quicker, especially if the liquid cleaner sits in the pipe for an extended period of time. Once the bottom of the pipe is eroded, dirt and rocks will restrict flow and cause the sewer to clog. If the bottom of the sewer pipe is eroded and a plumber comes to snake the drain, the snake may get stuck in the mud and not be able to clear the clog. If your sewer is eroded the best remedy is to replace the sewer line from the house to the public tap.

Improper Grade (Belly in pipe)

When pipes are originally installed, they are carefully checked for proper grade by the plumber and then double checked by the inspector. However, over time due to the constantly shifting ground around us, pipes can become back graded and hold water. This can be due to the house sinking ever so slightly or the ground naturally sinking and settling over time. Once a sewer pipe becomes back graded and water sits in the pipe, the solids no longer flow properly through the drain.

To have your sewer line inspection with camera, call Vito Services today or schedule online!

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