Rockville, Maryland Spring cleaning

Springtime Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Spring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your home. But as you set about these tasks, make sure to also get your HVAC system prepped and ready for the coming change of season. Vito Services, one of the area’s leading HVAC installation contractors, shares some handy tips below.

Clear the Area Around your Outdoor HVAC Unit

You’ll want to check for dirt and debris buildup near your outdoor HVAC unit. Clear any accumulation as soon as possible. Once you have the area cleaned, focus on the unit itself. Clean up any dirt sticking to the equipment’s surface. If overlooked, this can interfere with the unit’s airflow and even cause damage to its internal components, as well.

Call Your Local HVAC Company for a Tune-Up

If you’ve noticed performance issues with your unit, consult one of the most trusted HVAC companies in the area, Vito Services, for a comprehensive pre-season tune-up that involves a range of maintenance tasks, which include checking supply and return temperatures, confirming proper electrical connections and lubricating motors. With our maintenance services, we’ll make sure your HVAC unit is performing as efficiently as possible, allowing for year-round comfort.

Change or Replace Air Conditioning Air Filters

This essential task isn’t limited to spring–in fact, you should be doing this every season. Air filters work to prevent your HVAC unit from collecting dirt and dust, while ensuring the air inside your home is healthy and breathable. If your current air filter is already old and damaged, you should have it replaced immediately instead.

Clean Your Home’s Ducts

Did you know that your home can accumulate an average of 40 pounds of dust annually? The worst part is that some of it ends up inside your ducts. To improve air quality in your home, turn to Vito Services. In addition to air conditioning repair, we also specialize in professional duct cleaning. We employ the Rotobrush cleaning system, which has HEPA filters to clear up to 99.97% of particles that can negatively affect indoor air quality.

Look no further than Vito Services for safe and worry-free spring HVAC maintenance services. We proudly serve homeowners in Rockville, MD, and nearby areas. Call us today at (301) 585-8100 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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