Vito Services Lists the Steps Homeowners in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, Should Take to Keep Their Furnaces Running Smooth This Cold Season.

Steps for Maintaining Your Furnace in Rockville, MD

Vito Services Lists The Steps To Keep Your Furnace Running Smooth All Season Long

Change Air Filters Regularly

Check your furnace filter every month during heating season and replace it when it’s dirty (usually between one and three months for the average household). A dirty filter can reduce airflow and cause the furnace to overheat or struggle to circulate indoor air, leading to a breakdown.

Clean the Blower Wheel

During maintenance, an HVAC technician should remove the blower motor cover and vacuum out any dust or debris that has accumulated inside. This week help keep the motor running efficiently and prevent overheating.

Inspect the Heat Exchanger

Your Vito HVAC maintenance technician should visually inspect the heat exchanger for any signs of corrosion or cracks. If any are found, they should recommend potential replacement or repair solutions to minimize further damage to your furnace.

Test Safety Features

Maintenance technicians should test all safety features such as limit switches, pressure switches and flame sensors to make sure they are working properly.

Check for Gas Leaks

Homeowners should be vigilant in monitoring for gas leaks. Look for any discoloration or soot around the furnace, as well as any unusual odors. Periodically, check your carbin monoxide detectors to ensure they are working and contact emergency assistance if a leak occurs. If you suspect a leak, contact a professional immediately for repairs.

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Have your furnace inspected by a professional at least once a year to ensure all components are working properly and that there are no potentional problems that could lead to an unexpected breakdown in the future.

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