The Dangers Of Lead Pipes In Your Home

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There Could Be A Threat Hidden In Your Home - Here's What You Need To Know

As a homeowner in Rockville, MD, we know you take pride in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your family. But there might be a danger lurking in your walls: lead pipes. If your home was built before 1986, there's a chance that your plumbing system contains lead pipes, putting your loved ones at risk. Let's take a look at the dangers of lead pipes and why replacing them should be at the top of your home improvement list.

Why Are Lead Pipes Dangerous?

Lead is a toxic metal, and when it's used for plumbing, it can leach into your drinking water. Once there, it has the potential to cause numerous severe health problems. Even a low level of lead exposure can lead to developmental issues in children, such as learning disabilities, reduced IQ, and behavioral problems. For adults, it can cause high blood pressure, kidney damage, and even reproductive issues.

What's worse is that lead doesn't break down in the body, so there's a cumulative effect over time - the longer you're exposed, the more accumulates inside you, and the closer to dangerous levels it gets. Because it doesn't affect the taste or smell of the water, you wouldn't even know if you've been drinking it for years.

If you think it's possible you have lead pipes in your home, you need to have it investigated immediately. If it's discovered that you do, for the sake of you and your family's health, you need to have them replaced. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of undertaking that project.

The Advantages Of Replacing Lead Pipes

Having your home re-piped to replace lead piping does more has benefits beyond just reducing the dangers to your family:

  • Improved Health & Safety - This is the big one - by eliminating lead pipes, you're removing a significant health risk from your home. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is no longer being put at risk from their water.
  • Better Water Quality - With the old pipes gone and the new pipes in place, you'll likely notice improvements in your water taste, odor, and clarity. Modern piping materials don't impart any flavors or odors to your water.
  • Increased Property Value - Homes with updated plumbing systems are more attractive to potential buyers. Replacing lead pipes can be a selling point if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

Make Your Home Safer With Vito Services & LPRAP

DC Water's Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP) provides discounts and assistance to private homeowners looking to replace their lead pipes. The team here at Vito Services is teaming up with DC Water to help facilitate these projects and walk you through the process of taking advantage of these benefits. All it takes from you is following these three simple steps:

  1. Visit the DC Water LPRAP Website and apply for the program.
  2. Email to get a quote from James Vito, Inc. for your pipe replacement.
  3. Hire Vito Services to do the work and we'll take care of the rest!

Don't wait until it's too late. The potential health risks of lead pipes far outweigh any perceived inconvenience of replacement. At Vito Services, we understand the urgency of this issue and are equipped to handle lead pipe replacement efficiently and professionally.

Remember, your home should be a haven, not a health hazard. If you suspect you have lead pipes or if your home was built before 1986, it's crucial to have your plumbing system inspected. Our team at Vito Services is ready to assess your situation and provide expert solutions to ensure your family's safety. If you have any further questions about lead replacement at your home, send us a message online or call 301-315-6100 today!



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