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The Revolution of Touchless Fixtures in Public Restrooms

The importance of clean public spaces has never been higher than it is right now. Many industries and aspects of everyday life – including public restrooms – are adapting to the new heightened awareness of cleanliness and sanitation.

Public restrooms have the reputation of being a breeding ground for germs due to the constant flow of passing pedestrians that enter and leave daily. Users have no way of knowing how hygienic the previous occupants have been. In many cases there are lingering indicators that the personal hygiene and health of the people you must share these public spaces with may, in fact, be lacking. With the changes in how we are approach the cleanliness of public spaces, particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an influx in the need for touchless bathroom fixtures. What had been a growing new trend in bathroom fixtures is now becoming a necessity.

Below we’ve outlined the benefits of touchless fixtures in bathrooms as well as a few other touchless fixture options that are not bathroom specific.

Bathroom Specific Touchless Fixtures

  • Touchless and Bluetooth Enabled Faucets

Touchless faucets are probably the most common touchless fixtures appearing in bathrooms over the last five to ten years. They are sensor-activated and require the handwasher to waive their hands below the faucet to turn on the water. This helps reduce the spreading of germs by eliminating the need for dirty hands to make contact with a clean faucet.

Another benefit to these touchless faucets is that they automatically turn off once hands are out of the way of the sensor, which saves water.

There are a massive variety of touchless faucet options available, so property owners can find the perfect touchless faucet to fit their building’s décor and style.

  • Hands Free Water Closet Flushometer

The same functionality employed for touchless faucets is nearly as frequently found in bathroom toilets as well. Hands-free water closet flushing options eliminate the need for physical contact with dirty hands and toilet handles. They are also sensor-activated and have available options for urinals as well.

  • Touchless Soap Dispenser

Just like the other touchless fixtures before it, touchless soap dispensers are meant to minimize the amount of physical contact a person has to make with an object many previous people have touched. Similar to the water-saving benefits of touchless faucets, touchless soap dispensers squirt out an appropriate amount of soap for handwashing, reducing overuse and waste.

  • Sensor Activated Paper Towel Dispensers and Touchless Hand Dryers

Touchless hand dryers have the added benefit of being better for the environment as they eliminate the need for making physical contact with the fixture and they also get rid of the need for paper towels. There is much debate over whether paper towels or hand dryers are more effective in preventing the spread of viruses and other germs. Pro-paper towel partisans who aren’t comfortable with the heated air hand dryers can still enjoy touch-free hand drying thanks to sensor activated paper towel dispensers.

Other Touchless Fixtures

Bathrooms are, of course, not the only common areas or objects notorious for spreading viruses and germs. There are some other worthwhile touch-free appliances and fixtures that reside outside of a bathroom setting that are worth mentioning.

  • Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer is booming in popularity. as it’s widely regarded as the next best option when soap and running water aren’t immediately available. These dispensers are popping up everywhere, from multiple locations in grocery stores to right by entrances and exits in banks, restaurants and office buildings. Although not quite as effective as actual handwashing with anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer is a great tool for limiting the spread of germs.

  • H20 Filling Station

Public drinking fountains are another area that is extremely susceptible to the transfer of germs. In recent years, even before coronavirus was a thing we all dreaded, personal reusable water bottles were already becoming one of the most popular ways to stay hydrated.

Automatic H20 filling stations are not an uncommon sight in public spaces such as schools, airports and businesses. A bottle is placed under the opening and a sensor tells the station to start filling—there are no buttons pressed or knobs turned.

These automatic filling stations are hygienic and environmentally friendly because they promote the use of reusable drinking vessels versus plastic water bottles.

Are You Interested in Touchless Fixtures for Your Washington, DC-Area Home or Business?

Touchless activation sensors for commercial bathroom fixtures and other appliances are likely to enjoy rapidly increased adoption as businesses and public spaces begin to reopen in the DMV. If you’re interested in having these touchless and hands-free fixture options installed in your business, give our certified plumbers a call.

Vito Services has a wide variety of commercial touchless bathroom fixtures available and can install virtually any solution you desire.

We know the health of your guest, clients and employees is extremely important to you, and we’d be happy to help you create a safe workspace.

Contact us today at 866-792-7154 to get started with your touchless and hand-free fixture installation.

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