What To Do if Your Toilet is Cracked

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If your toilet is cracked, you should connect with a plumbing repair technician right away.

Your two main options are to fix it or to replace it. Depending on the severity of the crack, toilet repair services may be a better solution than replacement. If it's more than a hairline crack, toilet replacement may be recommended.

Wide hairline cracks can escalate easily. If the crack grows, it may result in a break within the tank which is difficult (or often impossible) to repair and could cause additional water damage. The cost of recovering from water damage from a busted tank will be far greater than the cost of hiring a certified plumber for toilet repair when the issue is still manageable.

Toilet repair services are a great option if you notice cosmetic or hairline cracks around the tank or bowl. They can be patched easily by an experienced plumbing technician, like the ones here at Vito Services.


The cause of a toilet crack may be difficult to assess at the moment, but an experienced toilet repair technician will be able to help you determine the root cause of your problem. From here, we can highlight the best solution and take preventative measures against them in the future.

  • Normal wear and tear: Normal use can unintentionally result in hairline cracks. Porcelain is prone to cracking, but you should not leave the imperfections without care.
  • Old age: Toilets become vulnerable to cracking with old age, so you should be sure to get a routine inspection if it is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Heavy impact: Sharp or blunt force impacts of something hard on the toilet bowl can cause cracks to form. These can be significant, such as accidents where something falls onto the toilet, causing it to crack, or they can be mishaps, like setting the toilet lid down too forcefully.

You can tell if the toilet bowl tank has a hairline crack if you begin to notice that the filling mechanism or toilet bowl isn't holding water like usual. Additionally, if water is gathering on the floor around the toilet, there is definitely a crack or some other kind of leak that needs to be addressed before serious water damage occurs.


Repair may benefit those who are dealing with minimal cracking that appears to be mainly cosmetic. However, some external cracks conceal more serious damage or necessary repairs, which may result in a recommendation for toilet replacement.

It's best to consult with a toilet repair technician to determine if the replacement is right for you. In many cases, replacement is the most cost-effective solution that can help you prevent future cracks as well. Factors to consider for toilet replacement include:

  • The plumber's opinion: Allow an expert to thoroughly inspect your toilet by scheduling toilet repairs.
  • Placement of the crack: Where the crack is located will dictate the risk of it spreading and escalating into a bigger issue. For example, a crack on the outside of the bowl may not be a problem, but one close to the tank could cause the tank to burst.
  • Size of the crack: The length and width of the crack may give more detail into how severe the issue is.
  • If there are multiple cracks: If multiple cracks are forming, it is likely time to consider replacement, as each crack may build upon the other resulting in excess damage.


At Vito Services, we are experienced in a wide variety of toilet brands and models and have solutions ready for the different types. Our plumbing technicians are ready to help repair faucet fixtures and toilet cracks alike. Contact us online or call 301-315-6100 to schedule a plumbing visit whenever it's most convenient for you. Just be sure not to put leak repair of any kind off too long – water damage will inevitably occur, and prevention is always preferable.

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