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What to Expect During a Home Repiping Process

Repiping a home involves the replacement of old, deteriorated or defective pipes with new pipes. After initial inspection and planning, the process typically begins with opening walls, floors and ceilings to access the existing pipes.

Once all the necessary pipes have been exposed, the old pipes are removed and replaced with new ones, often upgrading to modern materials like CPVC or copper. Once the new pipes are installed and properly connected, your plumbers will test the system to ensure everything functions correctly.

Once the pipe replacement is finished and your plumbers have verified all the new pipework is functioning properly, the opened areas are repaired and returned to their original condition.

Disruptions During the Repiping Process

Noise and Dust

Expect some noise and dust throughout the repiping process. As we have to cut into walls, ceilings or floors to access the old pipes, you will experience construction-like conditions temporarily. Earplugs and temporary plastic sheeting can help mitigate these nuisances, but those things only do so much. To put it plainly, it’s tough to go on with your everyday life in your home while a repiping project is progressing.

No Running Water

During significant portions of the repiping process, the water will need to be shut off. We try our best to only do this during working hours and to restore the service at the end of the day, but there are scenarios wherein it’s simply not possible to turn water back on while sections of pipe are missing.

Families can do a couple of different things to cope. Maybe the easiest solution is to stay with a friend or family member, take a staycation at a nearby hotel or schedule repiping during an actual vacation. Someone does need to be around to observe the job, answer questions or sign off on the job when it’s finished, but that doesn’t mean your whole family needs to be living in the house during the repiping. 

Alternatively, if you’re close with neighbors, you can potentially use their bathrooms for a day or two while the project is being finished and just drink bottled water.

Losing Access to Rooms

Depending on where the pipes run, we may need access to bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Privacy can become a concern, and daily routines could need adjusting. You might consider planning outings or activities during the work hours to sidestep this inconvenience.

Wall, Ceiling and Floor Repairs

With the installation of new pipes, some repair work will be needed for the sections of walls, ceilings and floors that were opened up. Though it’s part of the process and handled by our team, your home will look like a construction zone for a bit.

A common challenge faced by homeowners is making seamless post-work repairs. Finding replacement flooring from the same batch (flooring gets discontinued frequently, and there may be slight variations between batches of the same type of flooring) and matching interior paint isn’t always easy.

If you know you need repiping and want to replace flooring or repaint your home’s interior, it might be best to complete both these projects at the same time.

Coping with Disruptions

Plan Ahead

Our team is sensitive to the disruptions our work causes – and repiping is just about the most unavoidably disruptive thing we do. That’s why we take timelines seriously and go above and beyond to stick to them whenever possible.

Once we provide the project timeline, use it to plan your schedules and routines. Coordinate with us about when and where we’ll be working each day, so you know what to expect.

Temporary Relocation

If possible, you might consider staying with relatives or booking a short-term rental during the most disruptive stages of the repiping process.

Clear Spaces

You can help streamline the process by clearing spaces where we’ll be working. Covering the furniture and appliances you move will also help protect them from dust and debris.


One of the reasons we’ve maintained such a loyal customer base in the DMV is our commitment to being unobtrusive. We take pride in making it seem like we were never in your home. Repiping is one of the few jobs where our presence will be unavoidably obvious.

Remember that this process is crucial for your home’s health and that once it’s done, you should never have to deal with it again for as long as you live in your home.

Is It Time to Repipe Your Home?

Repiping is a major task, but it’s an investment in the quality, safety and value of your home. One of our jobs is to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible with minimal disruptions and after-job mess.

If you want to work with a plumber that truly cares about your peace of mind and property, consult with our team. Call 800-438-8486 to schedule a repiping consultation.

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