What Will AC Maintenance Save You From?

Summer Is No Time to Feel Hot and Bothered

You file your tax return to avoid the IRS. You get vaccinated to avoid the flu. You maintain your car to avoid towing fees and repairs.

We’re often motivated to do things for one reason only: to avoid other things. You might not necessarily want to perform these tasks. After all, who enjoys filing tax returns other than accountants? But if it means the IRS will stay off your case, you spring into action.

So, as you’re tackling your to-do list this spring, consider another important task: air conditioning maintenance. You might already know that annual maintenance keeps your unit running longer and can reduce your need for AC repair service in Silver Spring, MD. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what a spring tune-up can really save you from this summer.

1) The Sneeze Fest

No one wants their summer to be a snooze fest. But you want to watch out for the sneeze fest, too. Over time, dust and debris naturally collect in your air conditioner. That’s why it’s important to have one of our technicians clean your system and change the air filter. We can even show you how to change the filter yourself. During the summertime, we recommend changing the air filter on a monthly basis. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma or is prone to respiratory infections, it’s especially important to maintain your AC regularly for optimal indoor air quality.

2) The Jaw-Dropping Energy Bill

At first, you think you’re seeing things. Then, you’re hoping it’s a mistake. But lo and behold, the numbers don’t lie.

“Did we really use the AC that much?” you ask yourself. You might not have used your AC more this year than you have any other year. But since you aren’t maintaining your system properly, all that inefficiency is starting to show. Debris buildup can seriously affect your system’s efficiency. This means your system is working harder than it needs to—and you’re paying more than you need to.

3) The Pang of Regret

Otherwise known as the, “I-can’t-believe-I’m-spending-this-on-the-AC-when-I-could-be-spending-it-on_________ instead” moment. This realization is all the more painful when your technician tells you that the problem probably started out small but became more serious and expensive over time. Things don’t get easier when you glance over the technician’s shoulder and see your neighbors packing the car for a summer vacation. They’re spending their money on something fun, while you’re spending your money on the air conditioner.

Don’t let this happen to you. Maintaining your system now can make all the difference later. At Vito Services, we make our service tune-ups affordable so you can save more over time and keep your system running for as long as possible.

4) The Skeptical Customer

If you own a business, you know that comfortable customers are happy customers. So, if your air conditioner shuts down on a hot summer day, you might be in for some trouble.

Customers can become agitated more quickly and question your credibility altogether. They might ask themselves, “If this business can’t get the AC right, what else could they be messing up?” Of course, some problems just can’t be prevented. But why give customers a reason to ever question your value? Maintenance plays an important role in customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Annual tune-ups are a small price to pay for year-round peace of mind that your AC will work just as it’s supposed to.

If Those Reasons Aren’t Enough for You…

Consider this: In addition to the standard maintenance benefits, we offer an exclusive Service Club for our customers.

Our Service Club is the VIP group you’ll want to be part of. With your membership, you’re entitled to 15 percent discounts on heating, cooling and plumbing service, automatic scheduling reminders and more. If you value all of the things that maintenance can save you from, then you’ll value our Service Club even more. Click here to learn more about the club and what’s in it for you.

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Tune-Up Today

As winter turns to spring, now is the perfect time to get your AC ready for summer. And there’s no team more qualified to get your unit in tip-top shape than the experts at Vito Services. Whatever else you may need this season, whether it’s plumbing services in Prince George’s County or AC service in Washington, DC, we’re here 24/7 to work around your schedule.

To request service for your home or business, call your local Vito Services office or contact us online today.

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