Why Are Some Homeowners Choosing Heat Pumps Over Other HVAC Systems?

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While looking for a new home heating or cooling system online, you may find yourself running into the words ducted or ductless repeatedly and wonder what they mean.

Heat Pumps are heating and cooling systems that have recently risen in popularity due to their versatility and energy efficiency in comparison to other HVAC systems. They come in both ducted and ductless varieties, both of which have pros and cons.

Ductless heat pumps require less space, less maintenance and offer more precise temperature control over specific rooms. Ducted heat pumps offer better control throughout a whole home, are quieter and are significantly more efficient than many older traditional air conditioners or furnaces. It's also a heating and cooling system in one, meaning instead of having to replace an air conditioner and a furnace, you may be able to get a single heat pump installed.

A heat pump might not be the best solution for every home or business depending upon your performance preferences. However, if you're interested in an affordable, efficient solution that will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or specific rooms, traditional ducted heat pumps or ductless heat pumps may be a viable option.

While you consider which system would work best for your home situation, you should also carefully research who to install your HVAC system. A poorly installed HVAC system can be a costly nightmare for you and your family. Vito Services serves Rockville, the Greater D.C. area and communities in Maryland, Virginia, and we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Heat pumps move heat from one location to another. When in heating mode, a heat pump pulls heat from the outside (even when it's cold) and moves it inside.

Because they move heat and do not generate it by burning fuel, heat pumps can also work as cooling systems in the summer. They remove hot air from inside your home and move it outside. This is effectively the opposite of what they do in the winter, when they take hot air from the outside and move it indoors.



A ducted heat pump has a central unit, usually on your roof or in another central but out of the way location. This central unit is connected to a system of ducts and vents that run throughout your home. The heat pump heats or cools your home by pushing temperature-controlled air throughout your ducts and delivering the warm or cool air into your rooms.

This is an effective way to maintain one temperature throughout your home and avoid hot or cold spots. The larger units used for ducted heat pump systems tend to last longer than ductless but require more maintenance and repair over the years.


A ductless heat pump is a small unit that can be installed to any room as long as it can connect to the exterior part of the unit. Overall, they are more flexible than ducted systems, especially for home expansions, additions or buildings that don't have ductwork.

Their function is the same; they move heat from outside to the inside and vice versa, but they work on a room-by-room scale. The ease of their installation, and their ability to be added to almost any room without preexisting ducts make them popular in buildings where ductwork can't be easily added.

They may also be installed in homes that need supplemental heating or cooling. This can be especially useful if you'd rather minimize the use of a central system, so you don't overpay for controlling temperature in rooms that are normally unoccupied.

A ductless heat pump can be installed in any home and can be flexibly located. They allow you more control of room-to-room temperature and cost less upfront than a ducted system in most circumstances.


Vito Services has been serving our community's plumbing, heating and cooling for nearly a century. Our continued popularity among longtime customers is a testament to the quality of our services. We offer heat pump installation as well as traditional furnace or air conditioner system maintenance, repair and replacement. Contact us at (301) 315-6100 for any further information about our services.

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