Is Winter the Best Time to Have Maintenance Done on Your AC Unit?

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Most experts suggest spring is the best time to schedule AC unit maintenance, but scheduling AC maintenance during the winter is better than not scheduling it at all. Many people choose to schedule AC and heating tune-ups and maintenance in the spring and fall because those are the seasons in which HVAC companies are least busy.

During winter many HVAC companies may be dealing with emergency heater repairs or replacements for broken down units. In the middle of summer there are a lot of emergency AC repairs and broken AC unit replacements.

Scheduling AC maintenance during the winter is still a good idea because it gives you a chance to find out about potential problems before they become emergency repair issues.

Car owners would rather their mechanic find a critical problem, like a failing timing belt, during a tune up or oil change rather than have their car break down in the middle of rush hour traffic. In our analogy, rush hour traffic is the middle of a 90-something degree day in late July with high humidity.

It's better to get that problem fixed when you don't immediately require cooling.

The same rationale applies for having your heating system checked during the spring or summer.

The timeline is a bit different for homeowners with heat pumps that are expected to perform double-duty as both heating and cooling solutions.

Scheduling biannual maintenance appointments, one during spring for the cooling season and one during fall for the upcoming heating season, is often a good idea for heat pumps. They don't get the seasonal break dedicated heaters or air conditioners get, so you should be extra attentive to their maintenance needs.



If everyone is trying to get their AC, heater or heat pump maintenance scheduled at the same time, you might be forced to accept an appointment at a less than ideal time for your schedule. Being proactive and scheduling your HVAC tune-up when things aren't super busy is the best way to get an HVAC company near you to schedule a prompt maintenance or tune-up appointment.


This benefit is true regardless of when you decide to schedule a tune-up. ACs and furnaces that are in good working order run more efficiently, reducing your home's energy usage, extending the unit's life and reducing the chance for breakdowns and expensive repairs.

You can maximize your energy savings by scheduling maintenance before the heating or cooling season begins instead of getting a tune-up halfway through the summer or winter. Scheduling maintenance in spring or fall can help ensure you enter summer or winter with a unit that's primed to operate efficiently.


Your indoor air quality can suffer when your home is all closed up during the summer and winter and you're relying on your HVAC system to circulate clean air. Dusty and dirty ducts and air filters can significantly degrade the quality of air you and your family are breathing during peak heating and cooling seasons.

There are a few things you can do to fix this.

If you're looking for the cleanest possible air, you can talk to Vito Services to get a HEPA filtration system or UV filtration system installed in your home's HVAC system.

Scheduling regular tune-ups can also help keep your heating and cooling unit clean and minimize the circulation of pollutants.

Most homeowners have the ability to change out their system's air filter themselves. The average family will likely want to replace their HVAC air filter every one to three months depending on the quality of the filter, sensitivity of people in the household and frequency of HVAC use.

Clean filters also prevent dust from coating important mechanisms within a heater, air conditioner or heat pump, improving efficiency.


Neglecting your HVAC system, whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, can result in more frequent breakdowns (and expensive repairs). Failing to maintain an AC, furnace or heat pump could also reduced unit longevity. Maintenance may cost you a little bit each year, but it's better to get 20 years out of a properly maintained unit than 10 years out of a unit that breaks down frequently and runs inefficiently due to being poorly maintained.

If you want to get discounts on maintenance and repairs as well as 24/7 priority service and other money-saving, comfort-enhancing perks, make sure to check out our Vito VIP Club.


Vito Services' customers in the DMV area and those throughout metro Washington D.C. don't need to wait until spring or fall to schedule fast, responsive AC maintenance or heating tune-ups. We're available year-round to carry out detail-oriented checks on your HVAC system, perform any necessary maintenance and suggest any repairs or actions that could prevent future breakdowns or extend the life of the unit.

If you think your heater or AC will benefit from a checkup, call us at 866-792-7154.

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