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If you never read the car manual, you won’t know how to fully enjoy your car or take proper care of it. Well, you can apply the same logic to your HVAC and plumbing equipment. We know so much about these industries, we could write a book about them! But for now, we’ll share what we know in our company blog. Browse our latest features to see what’s new and check back regularly for updates!

Commercial Plumber in Arlington VA
Welcoming Taqi Shirzad to Our Commercial Plumbing Division

12 October / No comments

Shirzad began his career working for Juma Noori LTD in the Afghan capital of Kabul, before working as a...

which HVAC to choose for a new home build in Rockville, MD
What Type of HVAC System Should I Have in My New Home Build In Rockville, MD

27 May / No comments

There are a few must-haves when thinking about HVAC systems for new homes: Ductwork needs to be carefully planned...

myths about home hvac maintenance
Debunking the Top 7 Myths Related to Home HVAC Maintenance or Repairs

27 May / No comments

Myth 1: Turning Off Your HVAC When You’re at Work Is Bad/Good This is possibly the toughest myth because...

home heating and air company for recurring maintenance
How to Choose the Right HVAC Company for Recurring Maintenance in Rockville

27 May / 1 comment

There are dozens of heating and cooling companies open for business in the DMV, all of which are likely...

Will Repairs to a Multi-Family HVAC System Impact the Entire Building or Just a Single Unit
Will Repairs to a Multi-Family HVAC System Impact the Entire Building or Just a Single Unit?

28 April / No comments

Whether repairs to the HVAC system of a multi-family property, like an apartment complex, effects each unit or a...

How often should you receive maintenance for your hvac unit
How Often Should Your HVAC Unit Undergo a Professional Maintenance Check

28 April / No comments

Having your HVAC system checked twice a year – once before summer and once before winter – is the...

How Lead and Other Chemicals and Materials Impact Our Water
How Lead and Other Chemicals and Materials Impact Our Water

28 April / No comments

Is there something in your water? Although we are fortunate to have running water made potable by modern water...

the progression of indoor air ventilation
The Progression of Indoor Ventilation

1 April / No comments

People have understood the need for ventilation for thousands of years. Prior to mechanical ventilation, humans relied on natural...

schools ventilation systems during COVID 19
Why Do School Ventilation Systems Need to be Replaced or Upgraded for COVID Safety?

1 April / No comments

Over the past six months school HVAC systems have become a source of consternation and concern for parents, teachers...

side effects of lead pipe exposure
Side Effects of Lead Pipe Exposure

1 April / No comments

There is a long list of lead exposure symptoms for children and adults. While there is some overlap of...