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If your drains and sewers have you down in Washington, DC, call Vito Services to get them fixed and raise your spirits fast! Our plumbing experts will be to you quickly because we know that these problems can’t wait. We’ll get to work fast after we arrive so you won’t be without working plumbing for very long!

If the drains or sewer line in your Washington, DC home have you down, call Vito Services to get them fixed and raise your spirits fast! We always dispatch our certified and licensed plumbers quickly because we know that these problems can’t wait. You can trust our team of plumbers to work tirelessly until your home’s plumbing is restored to proper working order.


Slow or clogged drains are a real headache. Are clogs preventing you and your family from using your kitchen or bathroom sink? Vito Services can get your drain repair completed fast. Whether you need us to snake pipes, repipe, fix drains or perform some other kind of drain or plumbing maintenance, we’ll get the job done without additional hassle.

Stop worrying about drain repair and call Vito Services today.


  • The water in your sinks, tubs or showers is draining more slowly than usual
  • There are bad, swampy odors emanating from your drains
  • There are bubbles coming up through your toilet
  • Water is backing up out of other drains in your home

Your Vito Services plumber will use their professional-grade drain cleaning tools to remove your clog or break it up so it can flow away. Your lines will be clean by the time we leave because we won’t give up until they are. Drain cleaning in Washington, DC can feel like a huge task, but we have you covered!


The average household’s kitchen drain must contend with a lot of gunk. Grease, fats, food debris and even detergent and soap can build up in the pipes that drain your kitchen sink. Over time you may notice the water in your kitchen sinks draining more slowly or stop draining altogether. Vito Services can clean your kitchen drains without using overly abrasive methods that could damage your pipes.


Bathtubs, showers and bathroom sinks can all develop drain problems thanks to hair, toothpaste, dirt and grime. Toilets, although not a traditional drain like the one in your sink or tub, can also suffer drainage problems when various non-flushable items get sent down the pipes. The plumbers at Vito Services have extensive experience cleaning all the drains found bathrooms.


When you find out your home needs sewer repair it’s easy to panic. After all, sewer repair can be expensive and stressful. Unfortunately, when it’s necessary you simply can’t live without it.

Whenever possible our sewer repair specialists use trenchless sewer repair to minimize disruption to your yard and property. Digging up large parts of your yard to get to a clog isn’t just messy and expensive, it’s also time consuming.

Trenchless sewer line repair is faster, more affordable and doesn’t require you to pay for landscape repairs afterwards.

Call us as soon as possible and we’ll assess your situation and let you know how we can help!


A whole host of things can potentially go down your home’s drains that can cause sewer line blockages. Grease and fats can contribute to buildup and blockages. Hair buildup is another frequent culprit. Sewer line blockages can accumulate over years and decades, maybe even beginning before you owned your property.

Waste from your home isn’t the only things that can clog sewer lines. Children might try to flush toys or other non-flushable things down the toilet, which can cause serious issues if they snag or exacerbate buildup in the sewer line.

Another common sewer line problem, and one that it’s not always easy to predict, are tree roots. The roots of trees seek out sources of moisture and nutrients, including in your sewer lines. Depending on the size and placement of your property’s trees, it’s possible that roots pose a real risk to your sewer lines.

There are growth inhibitors, usually copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide-based products, that you can spread near your sewer line to discourage root growth near that part of your yard. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners either don’t know about these products or they worry about the side effect for their lawn.

You can also try to install tree root barriers, which are essentially just plastic divider panels, between your sewer line and trees.

In many cases Washington, DC sewer line clients call Vito Services when it’s too late to take preventative actions since the damage has already been done. We can handle any sewer line repair job, whether the damage was done by tree roots, everyday clogs or foreign objects.


Sewer line clogs can be especially frustrating. After all, a sewer clog means you can’t use your plumbing at all! Instead of stressing out, call Vito Services for sewer line cleaning.

We can often perform sewer line cleaning via the access hatch inside your home without needing to dig in your yard. This makes the process faster, cheaper and easier for you. Trenchless cleaning also allows us to get your sewer line cleaning finished faster.

Call us at 1-800-GET-VITO (800-438-8486) for drain cleaning, sewer line cleaning or plumbing repairs in Washington, DC, or request an appointment through our website.