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At Vito Services in FairfaxVA, we take pride in being the leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and air quality management. Our comprehensive range of services includes everything from urgent repairs and precise installations to regular upkeep. Our team, driven by a commitment to excellence, focuses on enhancing the comfort and efficiency of your living spaces. We ensure your home remains warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and the air quality remains top-notch all year round. We also offer plumbing solutions that keep things flowing as they should so your family remains comfortable. Our expertise lies in catering to your specific needs with a dedication to superior service and customer contentment. Choose Vito Services to enjoy the assurance that comes with entrusting your home to Fairfax’s most capable hands, and let us improve your living standards because you’re entitled to the best.

We are excited to welcome you to explore our wealth of positive feedback from our satisfied clients. Every 5-star review reflects the outstanding quality and commitment we invest in each task, regardless of its size. Through these personal experiences, you’ll get a glimpse into what sets Vito apart and the reason why the FairfaxVA community relies on us for not only solutions but also for comfort and contentment. Experience firsthand the excellence and dedication that distinguish us by reviewing these testimonials. Become a part of the Vito family today and discover the remarkable service we pride ourselves on!

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Aaron W.
Aaron W. Checked in
No Air Conditioning 06/07/2024 Today, I arrived on site to address the customer's no AC issue. After inspecting the system, I found the following: Recommended Repairs: System is low on charge AC unit is dirty Previous Actions: Leak seal has already been added to the system Pressure test has already been conducted Additional Actions: No refrigerant was added, as a pressure test is needed to determine the leak Recommendations: System needs a pressure test to identify the leak It is recommended to replace the system Maintenance: No maintenance is required on the scheduled date (6-17-24) if the system is not running Please note that future plans, the condition of the system after work, and parts order procedures were not mentioned in the provided notes.
Fairfax, VA 22030
Anthony V.
Anthony V. Checked in
Commercial Plumbing Back Flow Prevention Testing: 06/04/2024 Tested two backflow preventers and they both passed. While I was there Justin asked me to look at the women's left lavi. He said " another plumber couldn't get the screen out", I told him I would have a look. I got the mangled aerator out, I added a nominal fee.
Fairfax, VA 22030
Aaron W.
Aaron W. Checked in
HVAC Spring Checkup 05/31/2024 Today, I arrived on site to perform maintenance on a 2 zone AC system and address cooling issues in the showroom. Here are the findings and recommended actions: Main Room Cooling: Split temperature is 22, indicating proper cooling. No filter is present, which should be replaced for better air quality. AC unit is a 460v unit with 2 relays. Voltage to the unit is measuring at 490 volts, within the acceptable range. Capacitor is functioning properly with the correct capacitance. System is currently cooling properly. Showroom Cooling: The ceiling in the showroom lacks a return, which is hindering proper air circulation. Despite this, the system is still able to cool with an 18 split temperature. System is currently cooling well. Recommended Actions: Install a new filter in the main room to improve air quality. Consider adding a return in the showroom to enhance air circulation. Overall, the AC system is functioning well, with the main roo
Fairfax, VA 22031
Knowledgeable tech and a quick, accurate repair
Michael - Fairfax, VA 22032
Response from Vito Services:

We appreciate your kind words!

Cliff G.
Cliff G. Checked in
Plumbing Call for Water Hammering Toilet in Basement: 05/31/2024 I arrived onsite, customer has toilet in basement with water hammer upon flushing. diagnosed issue as a faulty fill valve and quoted price - customer accepted quote. turned water off to toilet at angle stop valve while simultaneously flushing toilet. disconnected flexible supply line and placed bucket underneath existing fill valve shank. unthreaded locknut and removed existing fill valve. matched up height of old valve with new valve and locked in lock ring on new valve. placed new valve in toilet tank and tightened locknut on brass shank. cut refill tube to proper length and placed tube in hole on flush valve overflow pipe. reconnected flexible supply line and turned water back on at angle stop valve. let tank fill and flushed toilet multiple times to check for proper operation. no water hammer after flush upon completion of job. cleaned up and removed all job related debris. office to collect payment from customer.
Fairfax, VA 22032
George  V.
George V. Checked in
Commercial Plumbing Call to Repair Sinks and Drinking Fountain: May 29, 2024 I arrived at locations for multiple issues, urinal ball vale spring needed to be replaced and replaced it, also 4 out of 5 faucet air radar were replaced the last one was giving issues where it didn't want to come off, recommend replacing faucet. we will send an estimate of the following: replace 6 gal lowboy electric water heater. replaced both bottomed part only of drinking fountain outside ( Elkay ) due to broken pieces and pipe burted in system also customer would like a backflow certification done on two backflows here. in the men bathroom.
Fairfax, VA 22030
Anthony V.
Anthony V. Checked in
Backflow Prevention Test at Industrial Plumbing Facilities: We tested 8 backflow preventers and two failed. I will work on a proposal to take backflows apart and possibly just clean to get to pass.
Fairfax, VA 22030
Anthony V.
Anthony V. Checked in
Commercial Plumbing Call to Run Camera Through Underground Lines: I arrived on site to camera a few different lines for the tenant, started outside and got footage of the external main and how deep it is, also pulled the manhole cover and checked inside there as well, went inside the building and went down the gang bathroom to see where it connects to the main and how far away it is, checked the main lobby bathrooms near the wall as well and wrote down the path to the main, then went to the other side of the building in the renovation area and put the camera down the toilet lines there, found a belly past 100 feet down the line that spanned about 20 feet long, found the inlets for the other connected toilets and ran toilet paper down all of them to see the flow of the lines, most lines are slow and toilets are only 1.0 gpf, lastly checked the pump and ran it to see if the line would take it, no issues found, cleaned up work area and left, thank you for choosing vito.
Fairfax, VA 20598
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